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Much better

The update is very good

Great app

Great app, pretty much all the news I need is from this app

Awesome !!! App

Really informative app keeps up with things going around the world news and entertainment ! Keep up the awesome work guys

News format

I dont like that I cant get my local news! I think the boxes are cumbersome and I dont like that I cant browse without having to go back to the boxes.

Yahoo newsroom

Refreshing update to app. Quite user friendly. Enjoy using it.

News at hand

I love this application I would like it even better if I could have a way to set the fonts a little bigger.

It Was Going So Well, Too...

Thoroughly dislike the new upgrade, particularly that I am stuck with "My Feed," which is some algorithms nation of what interests me. It also renders Yahoo useless as a search engine. I have shifted over to Google, which I like a lot less but it, unlike Yahoo, works easily. Bery dissatisfied with Yahoo app now and it previously was always my first option.

Great app and my main news source

I did not use the previous versions but I have been enjoying this new version. I enjoy the navigation features and having comments on each article! This is a huge plus and I HATE how other news apps dont have this feature. Great job yahoo!

A major step backward

It seems Yahoo ceased to be a news media melting pot and became a left-wing loudspeaker. Bias, your name is Yahoo. The new format is NOT a successful attempt to hide Yahoos new found socialist ideology.

Love this app!

I get all the news.


Great artwork. Very nice organization. Only negative is same story is repeated under the same header or in an incorrect header. Proof reader is asleep.


I need my news very simple. I have no attention spam. Yahoo is exactly what I need ;)

Horrible update

I deleted my yahoo app today. The new update is disappointing. I have been religiously checking my yahoo app for years. Im sad it see it go :(

Great App

This is a great app and would recommend it to anyone cant go wrong with it

Great App

Love the layout. Easy to swipe between headlines

More content please!!!

More content please!!! Seems there are no new content on weekends. But, overall, great app


Great app


Yahoo is great it keeps you up to date in News, Sports, and weather.

What Happened to My Old Yahoo?

Prior to this miserable and unwanted "upgrade" I used the Yahoo app almost every day, and generally several times a day. Now when I bring up to app to search for something all I get is "Sorry, we couldnt find any vibes that matched your search"! What the hell!!! All Im looking for is information on a particular subject, Im not looking to "vibe" anything! What happened to my great and very useful Yahoo app? I have been a loyal user of Yahoo! From the very beginning, but now Im feeling like Im being pushed away. Great! Now I guess Ive got to start using google for finding out the information Im looking for. Thanks a lot!

New Format

I dont understand the new format. Visually, its fine. But now I have to see peoples comments to news stories scrolling at the bottom of each article. Why would I want this? Has Yahoo ever read the dumb, ignorant, vile nonsense spewed by its user community?

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