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Nice app


Too much Fox News videos

Used to love this app but now all the videos are Fox News clips. Sick of the fake news from them.

Business Owner

This app gives you up to date news. Great journalism 👍


Like the app it’s my go to for daily updates. Would like less Faux News hype stories though. Overall a good read.


Yahoo!” Is a Yahoo! Giving everyday citizens a platform to voice an opinion is a quality and none censorship that’s needed in a democracy! Thank you.


I really like this news application. Their are good news stories about what is going on in the world. The news is not just the United States. I do like the way reports on President Trump are fair and not just one sided. I like the new format it makes the site easier to use.

Boomers AE

I get quick news updates s they happen since taking a political science class and much more. I pull from many sources mainly one “ with no dogs in the yard.” BBC however, I like to see what both sides are barking about ASAP the app does well on my phone and up to the minute! I appreciate that! Room for growth absolutely! So far it has been a good tool for breaking news etc... tbc

Great again

I’m glad Yahoo news returned to their old format. News articles instead of slideshow presentations and we can see our comments easily like prior to the change

Good Website!

Lots of up to date news.


I find the app enjoyable most of the time moves fast and so far no glitches

Good News App

I’m a news hound. This app provides short stories on all the days most news worthy stories. Good app!

Love it

I love the App and it’s structure the news and Notifications!!


Mostly left based articles. Glad the slideshow articles have been removed or lessened. Love the comments and the fact they have been fixed and work much better now. If this app was less biased it would be a 5 star rated app.

Not the best writers☹️

Good enough but not the best! Too bad; I wish your news were fair and balance. News are ok, plenty misspelling, and wish news were less bias.


This app is so entertaining! I love how transparent they are in their hate for everything Republican. I especially like how they pass opinion pieces as news. Keep up the fake news, it’s very entertaining.


This version is excellent. The prior update was horrible. Hated the format.


Up to date Believable Positive Complete


Fast news

Great source of news


Interesting App

Find this App almost addicting. I enjoy the articles and diversified reactions and opinions that the articles generate.

Great way to read the news

Quick going to get caught up on the news. Love it

Too partisan

What would be nice if we get some bipartisan news once in a while.

Not the same

It seems to have less articles and the stories sit out there for weeks. The old version was better. Unless I’m missing something, you can’t select the topics you are interested anymore

Awesome except for.....

Yahoo news is great except for Huffington Post stories which are written like a bad high school newspaper.


Were timely ,very useful and enjoyable .thanks

Where has the journalism gone?

I miss the old days. evening news gave it to you straight. You could count on what you were told it’s pretty much what they knew. Fast forward to 2018. And 90% of the reporting is nothing but garbage. Spew to fit the agenda beach side. Disgusting!


Very Informative on all the News that is the News,Great Job Keep it Up.

Good app but

Some of the news sticks around for way to long... and becomes old news

Not impressed

Not impressed with the new update. Print is too small and unassuming. So are the pictures. Would like larger pics to bring attention to the articles/stories.

Too much video

I prefer more written articles

App review

One of the worst news sites - your site is horrible and is just a toady for Fox News and its horrible and patently false news. Just be honest about it and admit it before we waste our time, Effort and phone memory on your stupid app.


Newsroom brings me up to date fast!


It let me know what going on

Continue being Objective

Continue to report the news as you are currently doing. I want objective reporting, which I feel Yahoo news does. Unfortunately, any reporting by the media that questions our President or points out statements that are not true or misleading is construed by some as “liberal bias” and/or fake news. I want news that challenges my beliefs, not validates my beliefs. To those who feel any criticism of our President is due to liberal bias, perhaps they should stick with Fox News. I hope Yahoo news will continue to be objective, even if it offends the far right or the far left.

Liberal in Indiana

The app is fair to mid. I liked the previous format much better. I was truly disappointed upon finding the existing format in place. I lost all my articles I saved and now there’s no way to save new articles at this time. I still read news from the app but not like I used to. Why fix something not broken?

You guys are welcome

Thanks so much for the news,weather,finances and the Chinese.This is yahoo rocks.


Have finally given up with this app. Too many glitches, sorry updates were just a few of the problems. Much better apps available. GOODBYE

Great App!

I haven’t experienced any of the glitches shared by other reviewers. Easy to see why the news generally appears to be left of center: Most news on the current administration is negative - and most news does NOT appear to be fake news. For example, CNN almost always has Republicans (often prominent Republicans) present for its panel discussions. Of course, they present the right-wing view on the issue - and they generally (generally) aren’t able to adequately defend the positions or the actions of the current administration. We’re all forced to listen to news through our own, personal filters. We all just need to accept that we do have filters and we need to attempt to be as fair and objective as possible. FWIW, the vast majority of my own information on politics comes from CNBC, which is right of center due to its pro-business nature.

Great news app - less crap

Advertising is less and what is there does not get in the way. Way better than the ad loaded buggy old version. Nice improvement!

great app

great stuff. great highlight newsfeeds in notifications, keeps me up to date with current events without the garbage

Pertinent News

I enjoy all the news stories on the app. Thank you!

No Kardashian’s....woo hoo!

Thank you for taking the Kardashian’s/Jenner’s out of your newsfeed!

Say something good about our President once in a while. 2017

Donald Trump hasn't done anything good for the American people? Seems like yahoo and it's liberal commenters are stuck in a bash mode rut. And the post button is really in a bad location. Many times I've been cut short by accidentally hitting the post button too soon and I noticed I'm not the only one. Same with the article love Heart. Other than that, I'm very grateful for yahoo and the ability to comment. It's been a lot of fun and very entertaining. Thank you for everything. 2017. I feel pretty much the same this year , Oct. 2018. It’s a fabulous thing to send your comment on different issues where the whole world can see how you feel, I wish Yahoo was more to the right politically.

Good trolling app

It’s a pretty good trolling app but you can’t say monkey because apparently yahoo is far left liberal trash and thinks the word monkey is automatically a shot at blacks


I enjoy reading the news, don’t approve of a lot of it, but it keeps me informed about our so called government, which I don’t approve of either. Keeps my blood boiling, guess that’s a good thing.


I’m always on the site. Up to date and relevant

Great app

Excellent. These are great articles written by professional news man and I am always appreciative of their professional writing. I think the app could be a little better. I like the old version a little better

A great place to see what Trump means.

The news articles are so left wing based that’s it fun to watch old stories being rehashed and baseless headlines get thrown to the top of the news. They help to show everything Trump says about the media is actually true. Plus, there’s some great commenting that really give a good laugh. I’d give it 5 stars but the bias is a bit too much causing one to have to go elsewhere to get the whole story on an event.

Great App

Upstate news articles and blogs with them - what’s not to like & enjoy

Love the App

Great way to stay up to date while your setting doing nothing. I love it.

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